10 articles about Basil Clarke you might have missed in 2013

Basil Clarke
Basil Clarke (far right) in a Somme trench in 1916

It’s now six months since my biography of Basil Clarke, From the Frontline, was published.

During that time, there have been quite a few articles and blog posts about both him and the book, particularly focusing on his role as a First World War reporter for the Daily Mail and as the father of the UK public relations industry.

I thought it might be useful, at the end of the year, to collect the links to some of them in one place. So here they are.

If any of the links below pique your interest, you can get a copy of the book here.

First World War Reporter

The reporter who went undercover on the front line: Ben Macintyre writes in The Times about how Clarke lived as a fugitive in Flanders during the early part of the First World War to get news back to London. Behind a paywall.

Why we should remember the bravery of World War One journalists: My blog for the Independent about how we should do better at remembering those journalists who, like Clarke, defied the Government’s ban on reporters in the war zone in late 1914.

Father of Public Relations

Meet the father of UK PR: A Q&A I did with Gorkana about the book and about Clarke’s contribution to public relations.

What British PR’s founding father can teach us today: My article for PR Week about the five things people working in public relations today could learn from Clarke.

What would Basil Clarke make of today’s PR industry?: A blog post I wrote for comms2point0 about what Clarke would have made of public relations in the 21st Century.


Basil Clarke at the Manchester Guardian: A great post by Richard Nelsson, in which he digs out some of the original articles Clarke wrote as a reporter for the Manchester Guardian.

Remembering Liverpool’s beauties and beasts: The Liverpool Echo did this feature on two articles Clarke wrote about Liverpool, one about him becoming embroiled in rioting in 1911 and the other his claim that women from Liverpool had a “high average of beauty… not equalled even in London itself”.

Reviews/ Overviews of From the Frontline

Review: ‘From the Frontline: The Extraordinary Life of Sir Basil Clarke: PR commentator Alex Singelton’s review of From the Frontline.

Basil Clarke: Past and Present of PR: A review and overview of the book by Richard Bailey, senior public relations lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The man who invented public relations: The Guardian’s media blogger Roy Greenslade gives an overview of the book and of Clarke’s life.


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